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Designed by:  John Reeves Taylor
3D printed by: shapeways
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Deliveries via: UPS**
SplyneWinder kinetic 3D prints  exploit geometrical and known physical principals to produce dynamic, unexpected and counterintuitive rolling motion in 3D printed objects.

They roll from side to side along a serpentine like path which initially appears unpredictable. With a little patience and practice you can predict the path of this desk top toy or not.

Size, shape and centre of gravity constraints combine to create a form that the observer cannot perceive as having a singular image, from any one perspective.

The SplyneWinder suite of rolling desk toys are fun to play with , will make a great birthday gift, are unique and suitable for table or desktop use. A gentle tap will get things started.

Splynewinder, is an executive toy from the 21st century. A desk top toy for him or her.                      
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Designed by John Reeves Taylor using next generation 3D CAD software.

SplyneWinder kinetic 3D prints are 3D printed by Shapeways using cutting edge 3D print technology. Shapeways is the world’s leading 3D Printing marketplace.

SplyneWinder rolling desk top toys are made possible with the magic of 3D printing utilising processes such as Selective Laser Sintering.

SplyneWinder 3D prints are available in some familiar and some not so familiar futuristic materials. Bronze infused stainless steel, polymide, Alumide - Nylon infused with Aluminum & more.

Colors depicted in the images are for reference only; please check information under the 'Material Options' pull down menu (see top right of product page) to get the most up-to-date preview of currently available colors and prices.

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